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Power Seat Music Group, LLC started with the idea that independent artist can have the benefit of label management and promotion coupled with the freedom of Independence.

PSMG began in 2018 founded by Chief Executive Officer Curtis Maxwell II. The team is backed by Powerseat Publishing through Broadcast Music Inc., Atlanta engineer Jack Papers (Icon Studios/ Madar Studios), MOTA Productions of ULM Germany, BDLMG Artist Development, Niko Cartel Recording, and Max Designs Photography and Multimedia.

The focus of our brand is to allow artist freedom of expression without confining them to conventional genres or image types. We understand the complexity of creative minds and allow them the freedom and support to craft music that will stand the test of time. Urban brilliance coupled with an outlet designed by the people for the people set our artist a part.

Power seat is a place where every element of urban culture can interact and be seen for the gritty yet sophisticated portrait of the modern American landscape that it is.


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Power Seat Music Group


Curtis “Cornerstone” Maxwell