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Originally from a small town in deep East Texas, Th3rd Eye, born Ramon LaShane Benton, grew up in the 80's listening to his father play different varieties of music from Gladys Knight and The Pips to The Carpenters. Music was in his blood; his grandfather was a well known Blues player who used to play music at an old shack deep in the woods of East Texas called Hill Top and his Father aspired to be a Jazz musician who composed melodies on the piano and guitar. During the late 80's Th3rd Eye's older cousin, who was known for competing in talent shows, formed a young group "K-3 Philosophy" with his two younger brothers, adding Th3rd Eye, then known as Ray B, as the 3rd member. As time passed, hopes of getting discovered and making it big faded away. Th3rd Eye never fully lost his passion for music. However, in 1991 his parents would join the Church Of God In Christ, forbidding he and his two older brothers form listing to what the members called "devil's music" or as we know it, Hip Hop. But of course, he and his brothers would find ways of getting their hands on a cassette of their favorite artist; his being Tupac Shakur. Later he had graduated from high school and had forgotten his dream of super stardom.  He was focused on going off to college, beginning a career and getting married. He eventually found himself working as a correctional officer for the state of Texas and married with a baby. He would meet an inmate who shared his admiration for Tupac and would later encourage him to revive his musical skills after hearing an old track that Th3rd Eye had written years earlier. After releasing an EP that slightly made him a local celebrity, he became hooked again. However, as before and after no major success, the dream would fade away again. By this time, Th3rd Eye would find himself 24 years old and divorced. It was definitely time for a change in scenery so he decided to join the Army. Music, however, followed him there too. He had no idea that the military would have a soldier/rapper culture. From his first duty station at Ft. Huachuca, Az to his last assignment in Stuttgart, Germany, music was always there and he was always, somehow, caught up in it. Germany would be the place where he would meet Cornerztone, then known as Grim Reap. They would collaborate on a few songs and make plans to release a joint project. However, due to Th3rd Eye's time drawing to a close and Cornerztone being convicted of an attempted murder charge, they both became separated and lost touch. They would later reunite and Officially come together under the banner of Power Seat Music Group..

Musical Influences

1 Tupac

-He has to be # 1 on my list. I loved his passion and how genuine he was.

2 Nas

-Oddly, I began listening to Nas when Stillmatic came out. I'm late, I know, but you must remember, I was cut off from a lot of Hip Hop from about '91 until about 2000 due to my parents' religious affiliation.

3 Kanye

-Besides his recent political views, I would have to say that Kanye has been a huge influence on my music. I think he is an Artistic God when it comes to most things...ok, a lot of things (lol) concerning art.

Music For Me

I'm strange. I'm really not one of those people who can say that he listens to Hip Hop everyday or music in general. However, when I listen to music/melodies that speak to me, it feels like therapy. 

Little Known Fact(s)

-Because of my religious up bringing, my brothers and I are not at all into sports of any kind. 

-I stopped playing video games when I was kid in the 90's and I was never really into them to begin with; I preferred searching the woods for insects and animals.  

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7 Miles - Th3rd Eye

7 Miles - Th3rd Eye

Still Got It - Th3rd Eye

Still Got It - Th3rd Eye


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